Science is-

Science is-


Here's your answer to all the questions children ask and all the wonders they want to investigate -- from the marvel of a raindrop on a leaf, to the power of a volcano, to the mysteries of the universe. This award-winning bestseller is the BIGGEST and BEST collection of science activities for children 6-14 years. There are more than 450 projects, experiments, games, puzzles, and stories! They cover all areas of science, including matter and energy, the human body, the environment, rocks, plants, animals, insects, weather, stars and planets, and technology. Activities range in length from the popular "Quickies" to projects that can be done over several days or weeks. They've all been tested and use simple materials. Easy-to-follow explanations, engaging illustrations, and fun facts -- did you know that a cockroach can live for nine days without its head? -- make this a book you'll turn to again and again. Bestselling author and educator Susan V. Bosak, M.A., has worked with teachers, youth leaders, parents, and children, and researched more than 1,000 science books, to create one super science activity book that captures the interest of both young and old. "This book belongs in every home, every classroom. The definitive motherlode book to turn children on to the adventure of science." -- Childsplay Magazine "An innovative book.... Youngsters will be intrigued by the exciting activities crammed into this book." -- Today's Parent "An excellent reference source for parents and teachers!" -- School Library Journal "A powerful and practical resource.... Will enrich any school science curriculum. Highly recommended!" -- Appraisal, School of Education, Boston University "Exciting and fun to use....A gold mine of activities.... An excellent book. Highly recommended!" -- California Classroom Science "Once in a while, a book comes along which everyone should have. Consider Science Is... a treasure whose time has come. This book is a must!" -- Science Education International, ICASE "Very accessible for parents and teachers.... Sure to spark everyone's interest.... This is an excellent book. The approach to science is exciting and thought-provoking." -- Science & Children, National Science Teachers Association (Washington, DC)

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Susan V. Bosak, Douglas A. Bosak, Brian A. Puppa
For ages
Paperback | 528 pages
211.33 x 270.76 x 27.43mm | 1,161.2g
Publication date
01 May 2000
Communication Project/TCP Press
Publication City/Country
United Kingdom
Edition Statement
2nd edition
Bestsellers rank